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April is National Girl Power Month and the last Saturday in April is National Girl Power Day!


This year we are celebrating with a nationwide 21 day self care challenge, followed by a virtual recap conversation and ending on National Girl Power Day with mini celebrations of sisterhood across the globe! Now that's girl power!

We are also facilitating interactive virtual Girl Power workshops for girls throughout the month! Yay!

National GIrl Power Day inspires, educates, celebrates, and prepare girls to be incredible! 

Let's Celebrate!

How does the challenge work?


The Self Care Challenge

registrations closes March 31st!


Each morning, of the self care challenge you will receive a text message with a self-care exercise for you to complete for the day, along with specific information to support your self-care success and a weekly group webinar check in.


Free downloadable the 30 day mood tracker, to track emotions and contributors. The mood tracker and the 21 Day Self Care Guide are great resources  that have practical self-care tools to use after the challenge is over.

APRIL 29th

In celebration of completing the 21 day self care challenge we invite you and your girlfriends to participate NATIONAL GIRL POWER DAY!

Simply do something you enjoy with your girlfriends, sister, cousins daughter, auntie or anyone you love!

Share a picture of your outing, text or tag us and you and could WIN a free self care bundle box.

This self care challenge was created to help ingite self exploration and self discovery, while interrupting negative thoughts and patterns, to help women and girls master their self care journey while protecting their peace.

Call your girlfriends and join this nationwide 21 day self care challenge TOGETHER because it's will be really epic!

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