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CODE RED Campaign

Powered by Dear Girls Academy, Inc., Code RED Campaign is a call to action for us all to help educate all girls to be empowered, inspired, prepared and incredible! 


Code RED Campaign is raising awareness about the issues girls face daily and raising funds to provide all girls with solutions.

All girls deserve to be empowered!  All girls deserve to be inspired!   All girls deserve to be prepared!   All girls deserve to be incredible!

#AllGirlsDeserve to be EMPOWERED
#AllGirlsDeserve to be INSPIRED
#AllGirlsDeserve to be INCREDIBLE

Your contribution can be small $1 or as big a you decide because every dollar matters. 

Code Red, merely calls you to action. Code Red announces the statistics of the alarming struggles girls face daily. All Girls Deserve to be empowered, inspired, prepared and incredible despite society's expectations. After extenstive research and planning #AllGirlsDeserve was developed.


#AllGirlsDeserve is more than a hashtag or campaign, it represents our organization's evolution. I'm fully vested in teaching girls to living rising above expectations and providing tools for them to do so. Together with Dear Girls Academy, Inc. we are announcing the reality of the vunlerble state of young girls. Our hope is #AllGirlsDeserve will influence the everyone ()the village) to rethink their responsibility to each one teach one. " Simeaka Melton

All contributions support sending girls to Dear Girls Camp. 

#AllGirlsDeserve the best days of summer!

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