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Let's have the conversation!

"Having candid conversations not only builds strong relationships but also builds a powerful sense of self. Conversations between women and girls are so impactful because our voices are the foundation of our power and one of the most valuable gifts we each possess."     Simeaka Melton 

Event Series

The Conversation!

The Conversation an event series that creates a safe, intimate and comfortable space for open, honest and candid conversations.

The conversation happens in two intentional styles!


The Conversation (with women)

The purpose of The Conversation is to kindle conversations between women and across differences as it relates to, self love,  true sisterhood and story telling, with the exhale we all so very much need. Intertwining short video diaries as part of The Conversation series will reflect in the beauty of our differences as well as of similarities.  

This Conversation is co-facilitated by utilizing transparent conversations from the soul.

The Conversation (with teen girls)

The purpose of The Conversation is to have the beauty of the sisterhood in women be transferred to teen girls. There is a huge influence and direct part women play in the current state of girls that is often goes unaccounted for or unmentioned. It is our goal to begin "the conversation" to positively impact the state of girls.

This Conversation is  co-facilitated by utilizing the Best Selling book Activate Your Girl Power and The Facts Of Life Empowerment Journal.

 "The Conversation" is an intimate round table discussion. Designed as an unplugged candid conversation about womanhood, girlhood, sisterhood, the facts of life and cards we are dealt. Unplugged without cell phones, without judgement and back to basics. 


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