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GIRL TALK  |  Literacy  |  Teen Dating Violence EduCATION  |  CREATIVE ARTS  |  SOCIAL ACTION

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Dear G.I.R.L.S. curriculum is currently being used in public and charters schools, as well as after school programs. Please contact us for information

Dear Girls Academy, Inc. serves as a catalyst to kindle the conversations between GIRLS and women, addressing the complexities of maneuvering the tween and teen years. We cover a very wide range of relevant topics from the perceptive of girls and from the experience of woman to provide clarity, bridging the gap between perception and reality.  

Our mission is to educate and prepare all girls who are dispirited, to overcome obstacles, reach their full potential, and to instill a sense of self- worth, self-esteem and the ability to dream big. 


Our vision is through self esteem building, academics, improving methods of communication and creative writing, youth in our program will be able to celebrate their differences, not shrink in the company of others and set sky-scraping goals with the ambition to rise above the expectations of society.  Self esteem building, teen dating violence education, creative writing and community service are the components our foundation is built.

Simply stated Dear Girls Academy, Inc. exist to educate and prepare girls to be innovative thinkers and brave implementors that impact the world in we live in.

Camper Quotes

What are the girls saying?

“I am so glad my grandmother made me come to this camp. The camp ladies are real. I can't believe everything I learned here. I am so ready to do better and be better. Camp RAE has taught me that my life matters and why. Every girl should come here because I will be here every year forever!

Jasz, 11th Grade Camper

"Before today I hated everything. The camp ladies helped me so much.I feel so good about myself. This is the best camp that I have ever been to because it's  real life stuff and they tell it to you straight. And they help you understand the truth.  I can't wait to tell my Mom and Aunts all about this weekend. I don't know why they care so much but I'm sure glad they do. See Ya next year.

Bria, 10th Grade Camper

"I've been coming here since I was in middle school and now I am about to graduate and I am so grateful to had this camp because I don't know if I would have made it. Miss Meaka makes us want to rise above expectations and I am. Nobody expected me to graduate and I am going to college soon. I love this camp I love all the women here I love Miss Meaka. When I come back to camp I will be a junior counselor and I can't wait. All girls should be able to come here and meet everybody here. Thank You Dear Girls Camp! #LiveLifeRAE

Deja, 12th Grade Camper

“I think all girls should be able to come here. You learn so much about yourrself and about life, plus its so much fun. You get to make friends with girls who you wouldn't even say hi to if you passed them on the street or school. It was good to know all girls have issues. And we learned how to rise above expectations.” :) lol

Alana, 11th Grade Camper

“I am so glad I had this experience. Miss Meaka was the greatest. She gets it and now I know why I am enough.”

Niya, 7th Grade Camper

I am coming back every year because this was THE BEST. This is my favorite camp because you talk about things we want to know and we have so much fun. See you next year and next year agin!

Kourtney, 5th Grade Camper

“Before I came here I was so confused about everything in my life and just wanted to give up on everything. I now have clarity and  believe I am not a mistake. I AM NOT A MISTAKE! I will rising above expectations.

Nicole, 9th Grade Camper

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