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The Beyond Style State Of Mind

I have a true appreciation for the art of fashion. My personal style consists of unique mixes of denim, vintage, leather, graphic tees, beautiful dresses and lots of odd prints. Those are the things I love to wear. My mother still talks about being the one child who stood out everywhere we went and how I would “destroy an outfit” and mix things together, in a heartbeat and strut around like it was decent. While she would regularly say “you’re not going anywhere with me dressed like that” she would often give me scissors and iron-on patches to “destroy an outfit”.

I can’t help but be in love with the individual styles of women like, Lauryn Hill, Michelle Obama, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Solange Knowles, Diana Ross, Erykah Badu, Marjorie Harvey, Traci Ellis Ross and Mary Tyler Moore! Given the range of style I just mentioned you may be able to understand a bit more of my peculiar love for fashion and glamour. It’s their individual styles that captivates me most. Artistic and daring women like Eunice Johnson, Diane V Furstenbuerg, Susan Taylor, Rachel Zoe and Anna Wintour, all demonstrate the art of fashion, fearlessly, that I also love with admiration.

So with all that being said I would like to introduce BEYOND STYLE STATE OF MIND.

For me, fashion, glamour, lights, camera, hair, make up, fashion shows, runway, designer creations, it’s all beyond style where I get enthusiasm. The entire atmosphere is electric and I love the love of it all. Only when narcissism, competing to out do, pride, the illusions of validation, and what I like to call “the pretty girl pressure” become the motives or the results, style has been eliminated and fashion has begun and naturally I have exhale fascination. Combined with my love of the art of writing. Wow! I love to write the story. I love the details and the results of the creativity, and I absolutely love the “why” behind everyone’s story. So to be able to naturally be creative through the art of writing and style, well, it’s a beautiful thing.

“I’m an ordinary girl who has discovered a peculiar love for fashion and glamour and at the end of the day it’s authentic style that draws me into the industry. Here is where I will sincerely deliver a beyond style state of mind.” Simeaka Melton