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Dear Friend,

What would you do if you were not afraid? What would you do if you knew for sure you could do it? What would you do if you thought tomorrow your opportunity would be gone? What would you do if you thought no one would judge you for it? What would you do if you thought it would be easy? What would you do if the thing you were most afraid of no longer frightened you? What would you do if you could do anything?

We were born fearless and born to live fearless. Fearless means to have fears, but not being afraid to face them and being able to persevere through the fear. Often times we decide to give up before we even begin. What would you do if you allowed yourself to live fearless? The fact of the matter is being afraid and having fear is normal but living life out-loud means to do it anyway.

Fear is the thief of purpose and the accomplice of turmoil. Fear will eliminate and destroy everything you were born to do if you decide to let it. Fear comes in many forms like procrastination, excuses, over achievements, pity, grudges, blame, shame, multitasking, self competition and avoidance. To name a few. Be careful not to become the thief of your own purpose.

Define your fear, be honest with yourself, let it go and jump outside of your comfort zone. Don’t ask for permission and don’t look for validation. Your best life exists outside of your comfort zone. Living outside of the comfort zone is hard work and can also be a bit scary but absolutely worth it.

When things don’t go according to plan, when the road get’s rough, when you find yourself standing alone, and when you begin to shake in your boots, don’t be easily broken. Keep going. Be fearless. Don’t look back, no regrets, and no second guesses. It’s not the task that we are most afraid of it’s ourselves. We were all born fearless, all gifted purpose and greatness and we are all meant to let our individual lights shines for the sake of others. As we are liberated from our own fears so are others around us.

So ask yourself what would you do if you were fearless and not afraid and then do it! Sometimes the very thing we are running from is the very thing we should be running towards!

“Get On Your Mark!”

Love, Simeaka

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