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There are countless issues that effect the self esteem of girls, however have you ever given any thought to how emjois have an effect on how girls view themselves.

Are emjois “sexiest”?

Girls love emjois. In fact, it is estimated that 6 billion emojis are sent every day according to Swyft Media. You may be surprised to learn that young girls are believed to be responsible for more than a billion of the daily output, despite how little emjois represent them.

54% of girls ages 16 to 24 believe that female emojis are stereotypical, and half said they represent a limited range of female interests, according to a national survey of over a thousand which was sponsored by Always. 75% of girls ages 16 to 24 would like to see more progressive depictions of female emojis such as female athletes and female police officers, the survey found.

“They’re all mainly pink. That’s pretty much it,” said one girl in the Always video.

Girls of various ages and backgrounds note how there are boy emojis for rock climbing, playing basketball and biking, but none for girls doing the same activities.

In the video, girls said they’d love to see an emoji of a girl going to the gym, lifting weights, playing soccer, wrestling, playing the drums and even an emoji for a “super bad ass girl,” says one girl. “I want every girl to grow up thinking that she’s capable of everything,” says another.

Emjois are certainly not a leading issue affecting women and young girls self esteem or self worth, but if you think about how engaged young girls are with the use of emjois and how young girls process messages and how subconsciously the representation or lack thereof play a huge role in their development, we’ll it very well could be argued “a big deal”.

With that in mind I took the opportunity to ask my own daughter and her best friend both 11 years old and question about emjois. My question was, causal, “Have you ever noticed how there aren’t many girl emjois?”

Yes, it makes me mad, there’s like 2 out of lot. They forgot about girls.” Kaliha

“Yes! Like we don’t matter or can’t do what emjois do. There are alot of boys emjois and almost no girl emjois. We matter.” Aaliyah

While the question was asked in a casual way, and while the girls just said what came to mind without any prior talks, that one question opened up a huge conversation about self worth, stereotypes and confidence. So I submit that girl emjois are a small issue but a big deal with a huge impact.

“Girls love emojis but there aren’t enough emojis to say what girls do. That’s just how things are.” says one girl in Always video

Will it change? When will it change? Are all questions we wait to have answered.

written by Simeaka Melton

Dear Girls Academy, Inc.

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