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How To Avoid Becoming A Stereotypical Blogger

When I first began my career as a writer I was looking for tips and advice from the best writer possible. Sadly there was no one lined up to say anything more than “You’ll be good.” Luckily I had my husband, Jshuane, as educated on the mechanics, the basics and the fundamentals of writing as most of the teachers any of us will encounter. I am at my best and reaching beyond that because I often read and study his work. His tips, educations and critiques have been very value in my career. Actually I can honestly say that “Jshuane Melton is one of my top favorite writers.” You can take a peak at his work via

Ultimately I feel I have learned and discovered many things I wish I didn’t have to learn the hard way, hence the reason I want to share a few tips with you.

Nowadays there are more blogs than we can count. From DIY blogs, relationship blogs, fitness blogs, natural hair blogs, parenting blogs, gossip blogs, and of course fashion blogs, blogging has become as popular as any other media outlet we turn to daily.

It seems like there is a blog for just about everything in life. Although there are countless blogs floating around the Internet world I submit only about a quarter or perhaps even less are worth their salt when it comes to the art and mechanics or writing. So don’t be afraid to at least make an attempt if you’re seriously thinking about staring a blog or becoming a writer.

The unfortunate thing about blogging is one often mistakes nice photos, gossip, ridicule, celebrity everything and fashion tips with the art writing, in many cases. Blogging doesn’t make you any more of a writer than standing in a garage makes you a car. It’s one thing to blend in with crowd of bloggers but it’s something completely different to stand among writers.

12 Tips: How To Avoid Becoming A Stereotypical Blogger

There are some essentials every writer should know in order to become a stronger writer and avoid becoming another stereotypical blogger.

1. Write because you enjoy it!

Otherwise it’s nothing more than other chore. Who needs another chore right?

2. Embr