#DearGirlsCamp GoFundMe Campaign

It's that time of year again! Dear Girls Academy, Inc. is hosting #DearGirlsCamp number 8 this summer! This year we have decided to create a GoFundMe Campaign to raise money to send girls to camp for free!

Dear Girls Academy, Inc. was founded to prepare and inspire girls to live life rising above expectations and to combat the distorted images and misrepresentation of our girls. All girls deserve to be empowered, inspired, prepared and educated to be incredible and #DearGirlsCamp is our signature vehicle to provide the ultimate girls’ experience making immeasurable positive impact.

Dear Girls Academy, Inc. developed an intentional and innovative curriculum designed to assist young girls and young women in demystifying their internal conflicts, fears and barriers. In addition Dear Girls Academy, Inc created #DearGirlsCamp, an intensive and unique experience providing young girls with loads of fun and fundamentals. A matter of fact #DearGirlsCamp alumnae have expressed the impact and influence our program has had on their lives, hence the reason they enthusiastically come back every year to give back to the younger girls!

Your funds will be used to help Dear Girls Academy, Inc. provide the ultimate girls’ experience. #DearGirlsCamp offers canoeing, swimming, outdoor activities, group team building, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, transportation, priceless life skill workshops and of course our signature Dear Girls Pajama Party! Our goal is to raise enough money to send girls to #DearGirlsCamp for free!

#DearGirlsCamp is a summertime staple that has been described by both girls and volunteers as the best days of summer. #DearGirlsCamp is our vehicle to provide the ultimate girls’ experience making immeasurable positive impact. This year marks our 8th Annual Summer Camp For Girls!

Please visit our GoFundMe Campaign to make a contribution because we need your help and every cent and every dollar makes a huge difference!

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OUR CAMPERS SAY …… "I've been coming here since I was in middle school and now I am about to graduate and I am so grateful to had this camp because I don't know if I would have made it. Miss Meaka makes us want to rise above expectations and I am. Nobody expected me to graduate and I am going to college soon. I love this camp I love all the women here I love Miss Meaka. When I come back to camp I will be a junior counselor and I can't wait. All girls should be able to come here and meet everybody here. Thank You Dear Girls Camp! #LiveLifeRAE Deja, 12th Grade Camper “Before I came here I was so confused about everything in my life and just wanted to give up on everything. I now have clarity and believe I am not a mistake. I AM NOT A MISTAKE! I will rising above expectations. Nicole, 9th Grade Camper

“I am so glad I had this experience. Miss Meaka was the greatest. She gets it and now I know why I am enough.” Niya, 7th Grade Camper I am coming back every year because this was THE BEST. This is my favorite camp because you talk about things we want to know and we have so much fun. See you next year and next year again! Kourtney, 5th Grade Camper

#DearGirlsCamp #DearGirlsCampCampaign #TheUltimateGirlsExperience #ActivateYourGirlPower #DearGirlsAcademy #TheStateOfGirls #Simeaka #LiveLiveRAE #GoFundMe

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