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6 Simple Back To School Tips For Parents

6 Back To School Tips

Back to school time can be a very hectic and chaotic time for both parents and students. Here are a few basic back to school tip to ensure the school is gets off to an easier start.

#1 Know Your School

Make introducing yourself to the teachers, administrators and staff and priority. Inquire about policy, procedures, activities, preferred method of communication. Stay involved and stay present.

#2 Create A Study Area

Creating a special study area and times at home for your child to study and do homework removes distractions and creates clarity. It also sends the message that education is a top priority.

#3 Social Media Standards

Set clear expectations and clear social media standards with your child about social media usage. Social media is a family affair. Talk together about rules, screen time, sharing and posting both safely and appropriately and also know what social media channels your child uses. Social media should not be a distraction, get involved.

#4 Motivate and Monitor

Seems like there are more and more new methods of how education is being taught to students. That may make it a little difficult and frustrating when parents attempt to help during homework time. Stay in communication with teachers to understand what their expectations are, and also know when to ask for help. In any case do not being the motivator and monitor keep moral high.

#5 Create Balance

Back to school can easily mean back to busy, busy, busy! Back to the chaos, crazy schedules, to-do list overload, stressing and rushing from school, practice, home and somewhere in between. Creating balance will help you and your family manage stress and not become overwhelmed.

#6 Shift Gears

Time to switch gears! Spending one to two weeks prior