23 Unbelievable Things People Say About Natural Hair

23 Unbelievable Things People Say About Natural Hair

#1: “Can I touch your hair?”

Eew! What? Ummm, NO. Where have your hands been?! Never mind. The question is awkward enough.

#2: “You would look good with your hair straightened out, how come you don’t wear it straight?”

Uh, is the insinuation that I don’t look good now? or straight hair is better? or you don’t like my fro? or … I’m sorry ask your question again; I dare you.

#3: “See you can wear natural hair, it fits you, not everybody can pull that off.”

What. Does. That. Mean. Please just say what you really mean.

#4: “I bet it’s pretty straight.”

Blank Face. Straight in the eyes. No words.

#5 Can you comb it?

Now sweetie, what kind of question is THAT?

#6: “Yeah, you know, natural hair is in right now.”

You mean like light skin/dark skin. You should read a book.

#7: “I would go natural but ….uhhh … I just can’t walk around like that …”

Uh? Come again? Like what? Explain that.

#8: “What do you do with it when you have a formal or professional event to attend?”

First tell me what about my hair caused you to ask me that ridiculous question.

#9: “Your natural hair fits your personality.”

Say what now? I didn’t know personality was a hair type. Shut up please.

#10: “How often do you have to wash it?”

Really? Just why?

#11: “Going natural aint for everybody.”

Uh, What?

#12: “Natural hair is too much work.”

Too much work for what? For who?

#13: “You couldn’t go to an interview like that.”

Hmph. I know what you want to say… but wont.

#14: “What did you do to your hair?”

Come on man! Seriously? Rude.

#15: “Is your hair heavy?”

What the hell? Really?

#16: “I don’t know how you do it. I just couldn’t deal with it, but it looks nice on you.”

I’m sorry for your luck, but please just get out of my face with that.

#17: “Your natural hair is ok, but some natural hair be like …’woooah’… something.”

I know that’s code for “natural hair is a mess, unkept or just dreadful”.

#18: “Why did you go natural?”

Why did you just ask me that question?

#19: “Does it hurt when you comb it?”

Not this again. Whether it’s shade or ignorance you should never ask that again. Never.

#20: “The only way I would go natural is if I had good hair; girl you’re braver than I am.”