23 Unbelievable Things People Say About Natural Hair

23 Unbelievable Things People Say About Natural Hair

#1: “Can I touch your hair?”

Eew! What? Ummm, NO. Where have your hands been?! Never mind. The question is awkward enough.

#2: “You would look good with your hair straightened out, how come you don’t wear it straight?”

Uh, is the insinuation that I don’t look good now? or straight hair is better? or you don’t like my fro? or … I’m sorry ask your question again; I dare you.

#3: “See you can wear natural hair, it fits you, not everybody can pull that off.”

What. Does. That. Mean. Please just say what you really mean.

#4: “I bet it’s pretty straight.”

Blank Face. Straight in the eyes. No words.

#5 Can you comb it?

Now sweetie, what kind of question is THAT?

#6: “Yeah, you know, natural hair is in right now.”

You mean like light skin/dark skin. You should read a book.

#7: “I would go natural but ….uhhh … I just can’t walk around like that …”

Uh? Come again? Like what? Explain that.

#8: “What do you do with it when you have a formal or professional event to attend?”

First tell me what about my hair caused you to ask me that ridiculous question.

#9: “Your natural hair fits your personality.”

Say what now? I didn’t know personality was a hair type. Shut up please.

#10: “How often do you have to wash it?”

Really? Just why?

#11: “Going natural aint for everybody.”

Uh, What?

#12: “Natural hair is too much work.”

Too much work for what? For who?

#13: “You couldn’t go to an interview like that.”

Hmph. I know what you want to say… but wont.

#14: “What did you do to your hair?”

Come on man! Seriously? Rude.

#15: “Is your hair heavy?”

What the hell? Really?

#16: “I don’t know how you do it. I just couldn’t deal with it, but it looks nice on you.”

I’m sorry for your luck, but please just get out of my face with that.

#17: “Your natural hair is ok, but some natural hair be like …’woooah’… something.”

I know that’s code for “natural hair is a mess, unkept or just dreadful”.

#18: “Why did you go natural?”

Why did you just ask me that question?

#19: “Does it hurt when you comb it?”

Not this again. Whether it’s shade or ignorance you should never ask that again. Never.

#20: “The only way I would go natural is if I had good hair; girl you’re braver than I am.”

This is the rudest backhanded comment, someone could receive. I don’t know if I should read you or educate you.

#21: “You remind me of Erykah Badu or maybe Traci Ellis Ross – no wait- Solange! Has anyone ever told you that?”

If I had a dime for every time someone said that stupid stuff, I would be listed on Forbes’ wealthiest women list. Having natural hair does not make me twins with someone because they also have natural hair.

#22: “I can tell you’re creative by your hair.”

Can you tell what I’m thinking? Ok. Bye.

#23: “I remember you by your hair.”

I don’t give a fro if you remember me, but please walk away.

This was all in good fun but still very real. We must do better. Don't be fooled natural hair has always been beautiful. #NaturalHairRocks

Photograph via www.liveunchained.com

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