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The Benefits Of Keeping A Journal

Beyond getting your creative juices running, journaling has major life impacting benefits for personal growth. Simeaka Melton, Founder of Dear Girls Academy is one of the biggest advocates for journal writing and this article may be able to explain the reason.

Take a quick look at 6 Benefits Of Keeping A Journal!

1. Releases Creativity

It's not a matter of some of us are creative and some are not. It's a matter of letting our creativity naturally flow. Just write.

2. Improves Communication Skills

Writing is closely connected to speaking and journaling is a form of written communication.

3. Strengthens Emotional Intelligence

Journaling is an awesome outlet for increases one's self-awareness and for processing emotions. Emotional Intelligence is having the ability effectively manage your emotions and perceive the emotions of others. Journaling your feelings provides you better understanding of what both you and others are experiencing.

4. Boost Self Confidence

Writing down your reflections, goals and personal achievements is a great way to boost your confidence and gives you something to review as you set more goal. So people journal daily and some people not at all. So don't feel obligated to journal everyday if it doesn't work for you. Begin writing perhaps a few days a week, maybe in the morning or before you call it a night. Create the consistency that works best for you.

5. Healing

Writing, particularly expressive writing is a path to healing. Healing emotionally and psychologically. Stress often comes from emotional blockages and overthinking. When you are able to translate experiences into written language it allows you release emotional blockages or barriers. The emotional release from journaling lowers anxiety, stress, and induces better sleep.

6. Goals

There is something powerful that happens when you are able to see your dreams, goals and all the things you aspire to written down in your handwriting. When you envision your dreams and goal there must be a plan. Journaling allows you the benefit of creating a plan to keep you on track, achieve your goals or set new ones. Journaling gives your clarity to see what you desire.

Dear Girls Academy, Inc.

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