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Self Love Tips For Teen Girls

Self Love is one of the most important gifts you can give yourself. Self-love may sound a little odd but it actually very normal. Self love is not about being, self absorbed, or self centered, or self entitled, or selfish or even narcissistic it's about loving yourself especially when things are pretty rough!

Did you know that you are special and smart and important! You are not only good enough, you are great enough. And you matter! You deserve to be loved. Especially by the most important person you know, YOU!

Loving ourselves, and taking special care of ourselves is the only way to effectively help and love others. Making time for yourself is a valuable and priceless gift that you deserves to enjoy. You are the first person you must learn how to love. Making time to love and care for yourself must be a nonnegotiable necessity.

Here are a few simple ways to practice self love and enjoy loving yourself!

1. Create a short and simple daily affirmation. Saying something positive to yourself every morning will help set the tone for your day!

2. Learn how to say no sometimes. You don't have to say yes to everything just because you wish you could.

3. Take time to calm your mind. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, think of some things you are grateful for or something that makes you smile and sit still how a little while.

4. Dance! Try to dance every day! Good music is amazing, so find two good songs to sing or dance to!

5. Embrace the things that make you different. The things that make you different make you very special.

6. Exercise. Keeping yourself healthy and happy is self love. Let's move!

7. Laugh. It's really just that simple. Having fun makes you laugh, so have lots of fun because you deserve to laugh often.

​8. Spend time learning what you like and dislike. Get to know yourself.

9. Celebrate the things you do well. No matter how big or small celebrate yourself!

10. Give yourself permission not to be perfect. There is no such thing anyway, so be ok with making mistakes and learning. Perfectly imperfect is all we will ever be.

11. Eliminate all toxic friendships. The company you keep matter. Anyone who makes you feel bad, do bad or just plain stressed, is someone who does not deserves to share your time, energy or space.

12. Write. Journaling has many benefits plus it's an awesome way to release your thoughts. Good and not so good. Journal writing helps you boost your confidence and increases your self awareness.

When you practice self-love you strengthen your power. Simeaka Melton

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