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Unhappy Holidays: Coping With Grief

Holidays force us to realize just how much our lives have been changed since the loss of our loved one. Particularly in the very first year or first few years. Coping with grief during the holiday season can be very difficult.

Especial during the end of the year when everywhere we turn it's all about the holiday. October and November are known as the time when most folks are getting ready to enjoy family, friends and fun. It's the time of year when laughter, tradition, planning and good times are just second nature until tragedy hits, making the holidays one of the most difficult times of year after the loss of a loved one.

Unhappy Holidays: Grief Coping Tips

1. Allow yourself to feel all the feelings you may have. Regardless of your feelings, sadness, grief, anger, joy, just allow yourself to grieve.

2. Practice self-care. Do not turn to alcohol or drugs to to self-medicate. Exercise is often an antidote for depression but whatever helps you regroup or recharge, do that.

3. Write about your feelings. Writing in a journal is a great outlet for your grief and understanding your feelings.

4. Ask people for help. Asking for help can be difficult but it's it's really important to ask. Even if people aren’t offering to help, ask anyway. Ask for a little patience, ask time, ask for ideas on how to handle the holiday "days", ask for help cooking ...... whatever you need help with, ask for help, you don't have to cope alone.

5. Let yourself off the hook. Don't feel guilty about n