Top "Winter Break" Must-Haves

Oh yeah! It’s official! Winter break is here and not a minute too early. Knowing you can snuggle back under your warm covers, stay inside and relax for the day, is just what the doctor ordered!

Check out the top ten winter break must haves to get the most out of your much need and deserved break!

Top 10 Winter Break Must-Haves

#1 Your Favorite Mug

No matter if you prefer to fill your favorite mug with fresh brewed coffee, your favorite herbal tea or with hot chocolate covered in marshmallows it’s always served best in your favorite mug!

#2 Cozy Socks

There is nothing better than warm oversized cozy socks on the coldest snow day!

#3 Big Comfy Blanket

Settling on that special spot on the sofa with your comfy blanket just screams "SNOW DAY"!

#4 Journal or Good Book!

A little reading and a little writing is always good and even better when you have all your snow day essentials. Grab a pen!

#5 Laptop or Tablet

In addition to your cell phone you’ll cover more ground with your laptop or tablet. Be sure to grab the charger.

#6 Comfy Pajamas

A snow day isn’t really a snow day unless you have on your favorite PJs or your comfy lounge clothes.

#7 Cell Phone And Charger

Of course, your cell phone is a must. Your cell phone is the number one tool to keep you connected you to the world’s snowy snow day. Don’t forget the charger!

#8 Plenty of Water

Be good to your kidneys and make sure you drink plenty of water.

#9 Friends, Netflix, Hulu and Lots Of Snacks

Good movies and lots of snacks are automatic for a snow right! Right!

#10 Comfort Food

Usually any hot meal served in a bowl or prepare in a crock pot is an official snow day comfort food! Plus it does the soul good!

Get comfy and let the winter break begin!

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